Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On a rainy day (perfect for riding), took a ride along the beach front. It has a well marked bicycle track and some stunning beach views.

I don't recommend the ride across the causeway, as car drivers tend to be a little over zealous in passing and the foot paths are not really wide enough to comfortably ride down to the beaches. I do however recommend a cruise along the lovely little coves such as Siloso, Tanjung and Palawan.

Take a bathing suit and a towel, as the water is worth a swim.

No shortage of places to stop for food and drink including the world famous Cafe Del Mar and a soon to be Wave Pool.

The gardens are beautiful, the circuit along the beach is around 3 km, riding it several times makes for an interesting afternoon or early evening (when all the beachfront bars light up).

Nothing strenuous, easy to park your car. Worth a trip.

West Coast Revisited

This park is becoming addictive. Every time I go there the changing light through the various tree groves makes the whole day worhtwhile.

Whomever planned this garden park deserves a medal. To be able to envisage how nature would scult the trees was a remarkable feat.

After taking the eastern entrance and heading round the container port circuit past the yacht club, I was stopped in my tracks by yet another great feature of the park, the events field.

This weekend was the Singapore kite festival. Well over 1,000 people were there, young and old flying some truly amazing kits.

The park keeps getting better and is now my regular Saturday ride.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Beautiful park, but not really for bikes.

Car parking at base of reservoir dam wall leads to two trails either side of the dam. The vegetation is jungle and the surface varies from paved to boarded walkways and rough trails with stairs.

To the right takes you along the foreshores of the lake and gets increasingly narrower until you are cycling basically a single-track along a boardwalk. This ends in stairs, after which is a gravel track with loose shale, that leads all the way to Bukit Timah Reserve, about 10 km. Its quite hilly and windy but be warned its well populated by hand holding walkers and the odd family of monkeys which make for some interesting slide to a stop maneuvers.

To the right of the carpark is a promenade which is rideable as far as the fitness area at which bikes are banned. Must be a reason I guess. Again its well populated by stairs and strolling couples which makes it hard to get any momentum going.

In all I'd rate this park as a walkers/joggers paradise and for bikes, suggest you ride the Bukit Timah Trail, however make sure you have a hard core MTB, hybrids and road bikes simply wont make it. Otherwise, give it a miss.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

West Coast Park

This a lovely little park entered by either the Wesy Coast Highway by bike or directly from the carparks (there are quite a few). Its a very visual little ride, from my place about 14km return, very low stress once you get off the road.

The park has many bike oriented features, from exercise stops to a cycle obstacle course. The trail itself is designated for bikes but do watch out for the odd jogger or strollers.

The western section pops out onto the bay near to the Polytechnic Marina which makes for some nice late afternoon photos of little fishing boats and the shipyards in the back ground. Quite a few sea going yachts in and out as well.

Rated easy. Has toilets and exercise stations at various intervals. An underpass keeps you off the road when its crossed by a truck turning route.

Would make a good time trial track as well, varied and lush scenery and the track is wide enough to take groups of bikes riding

For a map view, see below

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kalang River Foreshores

New country, new bike, new friends, now time for new trails.

My first foray was to a good bike shop to gear up.

In singapore this is easy, there are many reputable bike retailers all with the latest products from all over the world. Easy to get kitted out, just need money.

First ride (with tracking device attached) was the kallang river forshores. Beautiful ride on flat clear pavement. No stress and many places to stop. Quite visual.

The day I rode it was National Day here so couldnt complete the logical midpoint of the Merlion via the Esplanade. Look at the map attached, it shows the route.

Car parking was just on the road near the National Stadium.

As I complete each ride, my aim will be to post a log on this blog for fellow bikers to follow.

Feel free to email me with suggestions.


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